Closet racist Jay Inslee targeting Yakima Valley Hispanics with very heavy fines if they do not wear masks

In Jay Inslee’s world, if anyone other than a Hispanic violates his mask wearing order, they get up to 90 days in jail and  up to a $1000 fine. If one is a hardworking Yakima Valley Hispanic, then one gets a $5000 fine or up to a year in jail.

Washingtonians see  Jay Inslee for what he is and that is a closet racist.

Jay Inlsee will let violent, and irrational  stinking unemployed deadbeats take over a police precinct and 7 city blocks while providing portable toilette  and water. For the hard working Yakima Valley Hispanics with the demeanor of a Catholic alter boy, and the work ethic of a German,  well, they get massive fines and jail time for not wearing a mask?

Jay Inslee lets deadbeat atheists and anarchists riot, loot and kill with impunity while shutting Catholic Hispanic churches down and threatening fathers and mothers with jail time.

Jay Inslee allowed liberal privilege for Suwant Socialists as they terrorized Capitol Hill seniors and shit in their yards. The same  anarchist folks that consider Jesus and Mary racist figures. These folks would destroy  monuments to Abraham  Lincoln, Grant and  Washington while leaving a monument of Lenin untouched. These violent deadbeats are the core of Jay Inslee’s constituent base.

Jay Inslee supports atheist anarchists over law abiding Catholic Hispanics that work hard, raise good families and pay the taxes.


Written by

Washingtonians for Dr. Raul Garcia (R) | Health. Leadership. Unity.