Chris Christie will seek to incarcerate African American stoners in Colorado and Washington state

If elected president, Chris Christie will enforce federal marijuana laws. For African Americans in Denver and Seattle, this means jail time for a joint. Everyone knows that Black Americans bare the brunt of incarceration for marijuana use. All across the country, Black males are in jail for no more than selling a dime bag.  In some cases, they are in jail for no more than getting busted for a gram of weed.

Chris Christie as president would be quite harsh on Coloradans and Washingtonians who use either recreational or medical marijuana.

Rand Paul and Rick Perry feel that decriminalization of marijuana is both a humane thing to do and cost effective. I mean why would we want to incarcerate someone for a year at $30,000 a pop for a low level drug offense, when we can get 20 weekends of community service out of a person that gets caught with weed.

Americans are sick of the threat of jail time for hitting the bong a few times a week. We are also sick of “America’s war on stoners”.

Chris Christie is the kind of guy that would put you in prison for a joint while spending 2 trillion in a war of choice.


Federal Marijuana Possession Penalties

Possession (any amount) Incarceration Fine
1st offense – misdemeanor 1 year $1,000
2nd offense – misdemeanor 15 days MMS* $2,500
Subsequent – misdemeanor /felony 90 days MMS*– up to 3 years $5,000

*Mandatory Minimum Sentence

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