China sides with Trump against Kim Jong Un

My uncle Mike would lie about his age and join the Marine Corps at 16 years old during the Korean conflict. On his way to Korea, he would have liberty in Japan and visit the ruins of Hiroshima. While fighting in Korea, he would be captured by the North Koreans. For two years, he would remain in a North Korean POW camp. During this time, the North Koreans would torture him by pulling all of his teeth out. Uncle Mike at 18 years would finally escape when he and another prisoner overwhelmed a guard and took his weapon. They would then kill a few more. Just before he escaped the compound, he would kill the fella that tortured him.

Today, Donald Trump has done what every president since Truman has failed to do.  He has coerced China into a stand with the UN against North Korean  madness.  Wow, Trump and Truman. That is kind of weird….

Kudos for employing every manner of diplomatic sanctions and keeping your shit together.

Meanwhile, Black NFL players are taking a knee during the National Anthem and shitting on Old Glory.  The morally bankrupt liberal yellow press is foaming at the mouth.  The Millennials with zero moral compass don’t believe in anything.   Tim Tebow kneeling before God was unacceptable, but NFL players defecating on the flag in front of hundreds of millions of people was politically correct.

Kim Jong Un, the disgustingly heinous fat assed little rocket boy doesn’t look too happy. Instead of coming across the Yalu, the Chinese are freezing banking assets, halting trade activity, and sticking a diplomatic dick between his grotesque pouty little bitch lips.

It is really too bad that the North Koreans do not have the balls to shoot this brutal dictator between the eyes.  Maybe one of his teenaged sex slaves could step up and poison the son of a bitch.


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