CHAZ is a fund raising event for Jay Inlsee as the TNT and Seattle Times facilitate it.

During the 1850s, Brodheads would vote for legislation that created the Washington territory, roads, infrastructure, and the postal service.

In 1896, the Blethen’s would start a newspaper. Today, the Seattle Times is just  regurgitation vehicle for liberal yellow press propaganda . They are so infected with liberal dogma that they are no longer considered journalists.

Meanwhile, Brodheads are still doing  good and rational deeds some 170 years later. It is simply time for the TNT and the Seattle Times to go bankrupt. They are journalistically bankrupt anyways.

No tragedy should go to waste has evolved into DNC fundraising off of looting and killing.  This is why Jay Inslee does nothing. He will actually allow taxpaying citizen business to be looted and accosted in order to fund raise.

If the DNC and liberal yellow press are not attacking our 2nd amendment rights, they are fundraising off of other peoples tragedies. It is the Obama/Joseph Goebbels play book in all it’s glory.

The reason why Jay Inslee will not put an end to CHAZ is because he gets political revenue streams from  the event. The  Puget Sound liberal yellow press runs interference for him.

It is clear now more than ever that the Seattle Times and the Tacoma News tribune are part of the radical propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

The Blethen’s  only print stories that support the liberal narrative.  They are no longer journalists. They are simply pawns of the liberal propaganda machine… A propaganda machine that elevates looting and killing in order to make money off it.



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