Brodhead, Jefferson Davis, and Wheeler peak

When I started following Governor Brian Sandoval, the only thing I knew of the Brodhead history in Nevada was the transcontinental railroad and telegraph. I did not know that we also voted for an funded the Fremont/Carson expeditions or the military road between Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. I did not know that we funded the original Utah capitol building, the Utah territory, and copious military roads and government buildings. I did not know that the Nevada Constitution was tapped out in Morse code on the Telegraph we funded.

This last trip to Pahrump was quite special. The mountains across Nevada were covered  in snow. The normal desert panorama of the desert mountains were transformed into  15 individual  Alps like mountain ranges. I had never been through Smoky valley or Pine Valley. I was amazed at the large farming operations in the valleys along highway 278 north of Eureka. I never knew that Nevada had so many valleys with rich water reserves just below the surface. The Nevada Mountain valleys from Austin to Ely and Elko to Winnemucca are full of aquifer water.

When I drove west from Carlin on I-80, the beauty of Battle Mountain, the Crescent valley, and the mountains around Winnemucca were breath taking, and shrouded in mist. To the north of the highway was the transcontinental railroad and the Humboldt river snaking through the water rich valley. Remnants of earlier telegraph poles could still be seen .  As I overtook a train on the railroad in the sprinter van , the engineer gave us several blasts from  his horn. The paranoid schizophrenic aspect of my being thought he was thanking the Brodheads for the railroad. Just a few years ago, Brian Sandoval kicked off his re-election campaign in a railroad car on the transcontinental railroad. He would also bury a time capsule on my birthday and the day Lincoln was laid to rest.

Once in Winnemucca, we would turn north and head for Denio where we would spend the night. In the morning, we would head to Oregon via highway 140. The view from the road would be awesome.

Anyways, this trip, I was able to travel hundreds of miles on the Nevada roads that I had never traveled. I saw rich valleys that I thought were dry areas.  This trip changed my knowledge of Nevada in a good way….. In Austin, we spent the night in the park for free. The next morning, we would have breakfast at the Toiyabe cafe. Then it was off down the Smoky valley, Tonopah and Goldfield.

I am not a Southern Nevada kind of guy. Having been raised in Hawthorne, I consider myself a Northern Nevadan. I prefer the refreshing mountains,valleys, and streams of the “Real Nevada” over the stench of Southern Nevada casinos.

Lastly, thanks for the new roadside rest area at Sacramento pass.  There used to be good fishing there when the pond was rimmed with cat tails. Now that it is open, I wonder what the fishing is like. Tweet me when the pond is stocked…. Oh and the Steptoe surveys were also voted for and funded by Brodheads. Wheeler peak was once named Davis peak. Brodhead was married to Jefferson Davis’s niece.

Of course, we also purchased the land that Bethlehem steel sat on. They would produce the steel that built the USS Nevada. Just as the USS nevada would be refloated after Pearl harbor, Sandy would facilitate the re-floating of the Nevada economy after the Bush dynasty almost sunk us. We are now underway with a full head of steam.




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