Bradley Chubb gets 3 sacks as the Denver D finds itself

Had it not been for the Todd Gurley II freak show, the Broncos effectively beat the Rams.  They beat them physically and via play calling. The Denver D found itself stuffing several red zone attempts by the Rams offense. Moreover, the Bronco D made stand after stand against a team that is arguably the next NFC division champions. In some regard, Goff will not be denied, however, the Bronco D  shut him down and are now looking like the 2015 Denver D. Sure, there are few issues with the secondary, but they are working hard to overcome them. Look, the Broncos went up against one of the NFL’s best teams and acquitted themselves well. It wasn’t a blow out as much as it was a discovery in their own abilities.

Bradley Chubb got a taste of the kill with 3 rookie sacks. He looks extremely strong and his moves, finesse, and tactics will now quickly evolve. Chubb looks big on the field. With more weight room, cardio, and technique training and he becomes a force to be reckoned with on every play.

The offense is also coming along, albeit, a little slowly.  Realize that Keenum is trying to patch together an offense that has seen a merry go round of quarterbacks, coaches, and playbooks.  We do know that Keenum scraps for everything down to the last minute of play. Soon he will be able to tie the running game in with his receiver corps. Musgrave’s play calling is much better than old Kubiak’s stale play. He did call Freeman lazily up the middle which resulted in shit. The outline is looking better. With repetition and familiarity, the Denver offense only gets better. It is not time to give up on Keenum. He will soon put it all together.

Just as John Fox afforded stability to the Denver Broncos, we must give Keenum some time to repair the Bronco offense and exploit it. I would say he has until the bye week.

The Broncos are discovering that they are a good team.. They are finally rebounding..It is wonderful to see this.

It is now time to think about Arizona. They are a must win. Same time zone, and nice weather. There will be no excuses.

Nice game Chubbley Dubbley….

Yupp Elwood needs to look at 2019 QB draft picks.


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