Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin slowly warming up to Rick Perry

When I transferred to March AFB in 2000 to become part of the 730th Airlift Squadron and what would become one of the last two C-141 wings, the Air Reserve technicians were flying all the missions. Many of the traditional Reserve Flight Engineers weren’t even flying 160 hours a year, hence, the bulk of all the world wide strategic air missions fell to the ART force. When I showed up, I had a demonstrative history of flying at least 30 hours a month. Some years at the 728th Airlift Squadron, I eclipsed 400 hours a year flying locals, airdrop missions and strategic world wide operation missions.  From 1991 to 1999, I was always in the top 5% for participation and flying even though I did exclusively JAAT missions.  2500 hours  and 8 years of mostly airdrop. So, as soon as I became part of the 730th, the ART force hammered me to do mission after mission. If I wasn’t flying, and nobody stepped up to the plate, an ART  or a “Bum” had to fly the mission and they were overworked and burned out. It was obvious. The ARTs were busting their asses to the point of mental fatigue.

Commuting was hard for me to manage because I had a successful 3 bay auto repair business and a dozen rentals to manage, maintain or remodel. Try flying 5 days straight and then doing an engine job by the end of the week.

Reservists fly 60% of heavy aviation DOD  airlift missions.

After I had settled in, they had me flying the J97 Air evacuation mission pretty much every month. I would fly down on Alaska airlines, and then take a mission from March AFB  to Travis, Anchorage, Fairbanks. McChord, Travis, March. Then I would fly commercial back to Seattle.  Sometimes I would complete that mission and then jump on a strat. From August 2000 to March 2005, I would fly over 1500 hours on the C-141 C Model . An average of 300 hours a year. In addition, I helped the unit recruit more  Flight Engineers from McChord as their jobs were displaced by the C-17. We would be called “The Northern Alliance!” The 730th would become a very motivated and productive unit down to the last Flight Engineer and load master.  We would be a cohesive unit that got the job done, safely, professionally and in good order.

Anyways, I would regress from FNG to my traditional position in the gutter of military preeminence. I had been there my whole career, so, I did not have far to fall. I was always overweight, and bipolar negative, with long hair. Somebody had to represent the lowest levels of Air Force standards just to set the baseline. I had been busted a stripe and earned 2 article 15s, letters of reprimand ,and copious letters of counseling.   I threw myself on the grenade of overbearing military idiocy for the rest. From the gutter of Maslow’s military hierarchy I would earn a place in the coveted Air Force shit list hall of fame.

Just a few years ago, I received VA compensation for my father’s service in the Agent Orange contaminated jungles of Vietnam. It seems that he served 6 months in a heavily contaminated area west of Dalat directing fighters and bombers during “Rolling Thunder!”. Many questions for me had been answered. Today, I am much more positive and cherish every moment that I have on this earth. I still refuse to do a local.

Together, we would fly the Iraq air evacuation mission during  Operation. Iraqi Freedom. By March of 2005, I was burned the hell out and had enough. Doing a local was like pulling teeth. To top that off a fag navigator pitched a bitch when I was finally scheduled to do an ICE mission. Oh well. I used the retirement of the C-141 to extricate myself from military affiliation that started when I was born on a military base. It would be as stressful as a divorce. The transition, heinously painful and painful for everyone around me. I am sorry for that. I apologize to anyone that I offended during my transition. Take it or leave it!!! Having said that, the 730th folks were some of the best people that I have ever been associated with and ultimately my “Band of brothers!” Well, I can think that. I guess.

One could bust their ass for a unit for months and years, but that did not matter. It was always, “what can you do for me this week!”  Some folks got promoted on personality but flew as little as possible. Mark is asking Rick Perry “what can you do for me this week?” Instead, Mark should be looking at what Rick Perry did in Texas for over two decades. This election is about what one has done and not the BS one can muster in front of the media.  “Show me , don’t tell me!”

Mark Halperin of Bloomberg politics is totally forgetting about what Rick Perry has done as a military aviator with world wide experience;   a Texas state legislator ; a Governor and as a patriot. Mark is conveniently forgetting Rick’s stand for States rights, border security, and the Bill of Rights. Mark is even forgetting Rick Perry and 14 years of Texas economic growth. While the rest of the country’s over regulated blue states lost utter millions of jobs, employment in the red state of Texas grew and grew and grew. In fact, Obama took credit for the job growth. What a catch 22.

Rick Perry as a successful Texas governor has already shown us his steady hand and what he can do. All Scott Walker has done is  strangle Wisconsin’s education system, build a baseball stadium with the proceeds, and call union employees Al Qaeda terrorists. Rick Santorum is simply a perennial limelight seeking narcissist without a chance in hell.

Rick Perry’s deeds are cooked into the Texas economy. Texas created 1/3 of all jobs created during the Obama Era. Rick understands the military, the economy, the border, and foreign relations. His substance is an A plus Mark. The only thing Scott Walker has going for him is he looks good in a baseball hat and that’s it. Educators from across the country hate his guts and will donate utter millions to J Edgar Benghazi Hillary if Walker is nominated. The same goes for Bush. As far as Rick Santorum, he needs therapy. Anyways, I have a house in Kirkland to trim and sell….See ya….


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