Barack Hussein Obama “We gave Iraq the chance,” to fail?

In 2008, both Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama said the surge won’t work. They gave “Aid and comfort to Al-Qaida” while our Marines were in the streets of Fallujah.

Harry Reid said the war was lost.

Barack Hussein Obama said the surge won’t work

Then after the Iraq war was basically won, Barack Hussein Obama turned his back on Iraq. Instead of bringing Iraq into NATO and establishing a military base in the region, he surges in Afghanistan. Iraq sets next to half the worlds oil supply. Afghanistan is where Barney Rubble and Fred Flintstone live. I guess Betty and Wilma now wear burkas and tend the poppy fields.

So, if Iraq’s Sunni Shia issues can only be resolved politically, what are we doing in Afghanistan? The same Obama logic on Iraq can be applied to Obama’s 8 year war in Afghanistan. Obama has turned Afghanistan into the worlds largest narcostate with $61 billion in poppy field revenue. I guess Obama gave the poppy fields a “Chance” to grow. 

The reality is that in order for Barack Hussein Obama to prove his point from 2008, he turned his back on Iraq. He, not we, gave Iraq the chance to fail.

Barack Hussein Obama stated “We gave Iraq a chance!” In reality, Barack Hussein Obama never gave Iraq a chance. It was our patriot soldiers that did this. “We” did not leave Iraq to fend for itself after 25 years of diligent military effort from Northern watch and Southern watch to the SOFA agreement. Barack Hussein Obama did this. Obama left Iraq to prove a political point from 2008. WTF? 

Obama cannot use the term ‘We,” when he talks of Iraq. He can say “I” turned my back on Iraq!” 

He can also say “I” did not give Iraq a chance to survive” 

“I” did not manage Iraq correctly!”

There is no “We” in ISIS. There is no political solution while ISIS in Iraq executes 2000 Shia soldiers and cuts people’s throats. ISIS is Fedayeen Saddam revisited. It is Sunni extremists trying to reestablish Saddam Hussein’s Sunni control over the region.

It seems that everything that Barack Hussein Obama attempts to manage simply goes to pot, like Colorado, Washington, the economy, oil prices, unemployment, Iraq, Afghanistan, the IRS, the Associated Press, Benghazi, Bowe Bergdahl, I can keep my doctor, and on and on and on…

In my lifetime, I have never witness a presidency that was so ridiculously ridden with scandal, ineptitude and incompetence… Barack Hussein Obama’s vision for America is relentless decline and lying to the American people.  

Did Barack Hussein Obama give America a chance? Or did he turn his back on energy independence and everything else?

I am sick of this, I mean “We” are sick of this!

Harry Reid Gives Aid and Comfort to Al-Qaida while our troops were fighting and dying in the streets of Fallujah video

Barack Hussein Obama says the surge wont work video

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