“Historical cleansing” the new Democrat platform?”

The behavior of the most radical aspects of the BLM and Antifa share similarities to ISIS in Iraq and the Nazi party of the Third Reich. These organizations are now so violent and anti-white establishment that they are attacking the symbols of the Founders.

ISIS in Iraq sought to destroy Iraq’s history and artifacts and replace it with radical fundamentalism. The Nazi party in Germany sought to destroy all Jewish authored books, and Jewish business. Not only did the Nazi party want to eradicate the Jew, they wanted to eliminate Jewish history in Europe.  The Jew and their children were not even privy to a grave stone and proper burial. The only thing left of their history would be ashes, gold cavity fillings, clothes and old leather shoes.

After the surrender of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, Hitler’s  “Final Solution ” accelerated. As Germany conducted a fighting withdrawal from Soviet territory, Heinrich Himmler  and the German SS focused on the acceleration of  the wholesale genocide of the Jew in Europe. With each loss in battle, the  pace and scope of the  “Final Solution” would quicken.

In America, the liberal left now wants to destroy the symbols of our own history. The free press has become the liberal yellow press and propaganda.  Big tech companies engage in the suppression of digital free speech and the 1st Amendment. Big tech believes in a centralized economy that destroys small business.  Commerce should only be conducted by massive internet warehouses.

Big Tech has become Big Brother. Big Brother wants everyone to have a chip installed. Big Brother wants facial recognition  software and surveillance on every street corner. Like Communist China, Big Brother wants total control of the individual from thoughts to how we wipe our asses.

democrats love their “2 minutes of hate”  so they can destroy small business for Big Brother.


Today, radical BLM and Antifa activists have so much contempt for the republic that they want to destroy all symbols of history and establish their own politically correct version of history. Soon if unchecked, the liberal dominated school system will follow suit. Instead of passing test scores on reading, writing and arithmetic,  the K-12 system will focus on LGBT , and political indoctrination, and historical revisionist history.

The liberal left wants to fundamentally change US history and it’s political construct.  The objectives have gone beyond George Floyd and equality. The liberal left now wants to destroy everything Americana and replace it with their power construct.

The foundation of racial harmony is via strong families headed by the father figure and the rights of the individual.

If Joe Biden and the Democratic party gain control of the Executive, House and Senate, our Republic will be fundamentally changed. They will embark on a historical cleansing. Our historical figures will all have to be politically correct.  This is quite Orwellian when history and truth are replaced with  revisionist history that suits the mob.

The Democrats already support the elimination of the police and a lawless landscape.  The liberal yellow press propaganda ministers can then talk radicals into behavior that emulates  the violence and methods of Nazi Brown shirts. Americans will be living in fear as our children are indoctrinated to the liberal New World order.

We can either live n fear and go quietly into the night or we can stand and fight for our free Republic.

I choose not to be intimidated and live in fear. I choose to support Our common history, our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our traditional form of government as envisioned by the Founders. We are not perfect, but we support the rights of the individual. All individuals. It is up to you to take advantage of it and be accountable for your own education and future.

Here’s The Antifa Terrorist Who Tore Down George Washington’s Statue In Portland





Jay Inslee forcing Donald Trump to use “Insurrection Act of 1807?” Antifa setting up sniper nests in Chaz?

At this juncture Jay Inslee’s governorship is collapsing.  He hasn’t even started to mitigate the massive budget shortfalls that will soon be crossing his desk. All he has done is allow  Nigerians to take close to a billion dollars from the unemployment fund and laid off a few  State workers.  His budget cuts are so small and inconsequential that they do not even qualify as symbolism. Meanwhile, unemployment benefits for dead broke Washingtonians are  taking  over 3 months to be paid out. Some Washingtonians have not seen a paycheck since March.

landlords are shit out of luck.  Inslee has implemented a no eviction ruling. After that, it takes another a 20 days to issue a  pay or vacate and then another month of court measures. etc. Hence, landlords are getting ripped off while unemployed tenants do not have to pay rent for 6 months. Small business owners cannot operate in CHAZ or even  make a sound for fear of being beaten and their businesses burned to the ground.

Jay Inslee expanded the State budget to meet the ever increasing revenue streams of the Trump economy.  Inslee never thanked Trump for the lowest unemployment rate among minorities in history. The best the race baiting governor could do was call Trump a white nationalist.

Jay Inslee’s  biennium budget increases a have been  quite large. Jay Inslee has almost doubled the size of the State budget since he was elected about 7 years ago.  I think it is 75% larger under his custodial responsibility. His budget increases have averaged 10% a year. Last year it was a 20% increase. Now he is faced with a bout $5 billion in shortfalls. Inlsee will seek to keep his envro -fascist taxation schemes and 20% budget increases  while begging Trump for money. The same guy he calls a white nationalist. The guy who used to get hugs from Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson is a white nationalist? Hmmmm, interesting.

Jay Inslee is so consumed with Trump derangement syndrome that he shut down the entire economy for as long as possible. His Corona-virus lock-down and the re-opening of the Washington economy has been a disaster. Other states that did not lock down are seeing the same number of Covid-19 cases. As it is, 1 in 5 Washingtonians are unemployed.

Jay Inslee is trying to determine how he can allow stadium crowds at Seattle Sea Hawks games while still  stifling the Trump economy for spite.

It has been close to two weeks since Jay Inslee allowed an armed insurrection to occur in Capitol Hill. He calls it the  “summer of love” while  Capitol Hill deadbeats knock on senior citizen doors and demand free food. If the 80 year old woman says no, they defecate in her yard and spray paint graffiti her house. The behavior of  alienated and mentally damaged bums with  zero employment skills, and less than zero respect for seniors and authority figures.

On July 4th, 60,000 bikers will ascend on Seattle to liberate Capitol Hill. In response, the violent rapper warlord Raz Simone is building sniper nests in order to kill Americans. The summer of love has turned into  a bizarre Waco revisited.  The dirty underwear wearing Antifa and the BLM  activists will kill people in order to protect their right to the social media lime light.

Donald Trump must employ the Insurrection Act of 1807 because Jay Inslee is not doing a damn thing. To Inslee, violent BLM and Antifa activists have more right to your property than you do. To Inslee, CHAZ is a fundraing event at the behest of small business owners and tax paying citizens.

Trump must do the following:

Before invoking the powers under the Act, 10 U.S.C. § 254 requires the President to first publish a proclamation ordering the insurgents to disperse.

Trump then has the authority to address the CHAZ insurection per the following:

to address an insurrection, domestic violence, unlawful combination or conspiracy, in any state, which results in the deprivation of Constitutionally-secured rights, and where the state is unable, fails, or refuses to protect said rights (§ 253)






CHAZ is a fund raising event for Jay Inlsee as the TNT and Seattle Times facilitate it.

During the 1850s, Brodheads would vote for legislation that created the Washington territory, roads, infrastructure, and the postal service.

In 1896, the Blethen’s would start a newspaper. Today, the Seattle Times is just  regurgitation vehicle for liberal yellow press propaganda . They are so infected with liberal dogma that they are no longer considered journalists.

Meanwhile, Brodheads are still doing  good and rational deeds some 170 years later. It is simply time for the TNT and the Seattle Times to go bankrupt. They are journalistically bankrupt anyways.

No tragedy should go to waste has evolved into DNC fundraising off of looting and killing.  This is why Jay Inslee does nothing. He will actually allow taxpaying citizen business to be looted and accosted in order to fund raise.

If the DNC and liberal yellow press are not attacking our 2nd amendment rights, they are fundraising off of other peoples tragedies. It is the Obama/Joseph Goebbels play book in all it’s glory.

The reason why Jay Inslee will not put an end to CHAZ is because he gets political revenue streams from  the event. The  Puget Sound liberal yellow press runs interference for him.

It is clear now more than ever that the Seattle Times and the Tacoma News tribune are part of the radical propaganda wing of the Democrat party.

The Blethen’s  only print stories that support the liberal narrative.  They are no longer journalists. They are simply pawns of the liberal propaganda machine… A propaganda machine that elevates looting and killing in order to make money off it.



Chaz BLM and Antifa preaching violence to tiny crowd as Jay Inslee has his thumb up his ass

The deadbeats of Chaz are now starting to sound like David Koresh.  Yes, Chaz could be turning into a WACO. In the video below, the CHAZ activists are now determined to martyr themselves. They are preaching violence. They are now applying the tactics of Islamic extremists.

The BLM is now saying that their cause is like the French Revolution.  BLM and Antifa activists are insisting on the destruction of historical statues like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson while inferring that the French Revolution was at a higher moral plane than the American revolution?

The BLM and Antifa are actively destroying symbols of our history. This type of violent behavior mirrors ISIS in Iraq and the burning of the books in NAZI Germany.

The rioting and looting against the common white and minority business owner is no different than the destruction of Jewish stores during Kristallnacht.

Jay Inslee is not doing anything about CHAZ and the occupation of Capitol Hill while extremists are conditioning their followers for violence and killing. This could be a replay of WACO where David Koresh followers were prepared to die for their mad man.

Our country’s common day racial problems start with fatherless families. When there is no warrior father present to instill values and character, children can be easily conditioned to violence.

The Seattle police department is not a racist organization. It is headed by a black female. The have gained national honors for running an extremely well balanced organization. Jay Inslee is putting these officers at risk by turning a blind eye to the CHAZ occupiers. This not about the Seattle police department. This is no longer about George Floyd. It is about conditioning people to martyr themselves for a BLM and Antifa cause that only address the symptoms.

The Seattle Police department is not the problem.  Creating a culture of fatherless homes leads to a culture of violence.  For the most part, Tacoma and Seattle do not have this problem. Tacoma and Seattle are probably the least racist part of the USA.  The Puget Sound does maintain a strong culture of racial equality and respect.

It is time for Jay Inslee to end the charade and restore law and order in Capitol Hill. Washingtonians see it for what it is….



Jay Inslee supports liberal privilege anarchy

In the current social media and liberal yellow press atmosphere, one is considered a racist if one says anything about the BLM and their demands. In fact, journalists have become afraid of stating truth while others feel compelled to kneel in front of violent protesters and looters.

Alienated members of a mob mentality base their logic on power and intimidation. In a democracy,  One can win the argument via solid premises and a truthful conclusion, but that does not matter in a mob setting.  The threat of violence is the  deciding factor when it comes to truth. The mob either wins the argument and one obeys or the individual gets  beat, shot or stabbed to death.

The same logic was used by Genghis Kan. It is said that he would ride into a village and demand surrender. If the village submitted to the simple demand, he sparred their lives and families and only took what the army needed.  If they would not submit, he would return with his army kill everyone ,and burn the village to the ground. Might would make right and the argument was settled by power.

The BLM did not ride into town in order to settle a matter. They came in with their army and then  looted, murdered, and burned communities to the ground.

The BLM and Antifa are the violent mob aspect of the  Democratic party. Many city mayors just let their cities burn.  Never before in the history of America has the act of stopping looting, killing, and pillaging been politically incorrect.  Today, folks like Governor Jay Inslee actually support mob rule for political expediency while sanctioning and fining tax paying citizens.

The folks that run the nation of CHAZ presented copious demands that were simply idiotic, like segregated healthcare, reparations, free college,  new trials for all black people that are currently in jail,  no prisons, and no police officers. In other words, they  want more free shit and do not want to be held accountable for their actions. The argument is that if there were no police officers, violence would not occur or something to that affect. All people are good, hence there is no requirement for the Police.  This ideology suggests that the BLM and Antifa  spent their lives in a vacuum. They never studied world history or the development of political theory.   Through out history, there has always been thieves, rapists, pedophiles, murderers, bank robbers, kidnappers, burglars and everything else. The police are there to protect and serve. 99% do this.

Then again, everyone knows this , so why does the BLM and Antifa support total anarchy? Why does Jay Inslee and the Mayor of Seattle support anarchy?  Why does Kashama Suwant support violent takeovers of big business.

Just a few months ago, trump had unemployment down to 3%. Today, Inslee has created millions of unemployed Washingtonians. Today, Inslee allows the occupation of his city by looters. WTF?

The liberals railed against Dan Quayle when he supported the idea of strong families headed by the father. He also spelled  “potatoe”  wrong.  The liberals said  “it takes a village!” Jay Inslee believes in “Take the village and occupy it!”

This is the type of community the CHAZ BLM and Antifa want. This is the type of village Jay Inslee supports. He hasn’t lifted a finger to take control of the streets of Capitol hill. He will fine people for starting up a business, but allow looters , thieves and arsonists to run amok.  It is called liberal privilege.

It was Inslee who implemented the  strictest  Covid-19 response in the country. He then did not prepare for the millions of unemployment applications that would follow even when warned by JT Wilcox. They were also not prepared for the massive Nigerian unemployment scam that netted close to $750 million in unemployment revenue. Meanwhile, millions of Washingtonians are entirely broke.  He then forbids rental evictions while letting the BLM and Antifa loot and destroy businesses. He sanctions and fines people who start their businesses up while letting anarchists have a free reign.  Jay Inslee created an environment that has produced this mob rule. He could have used the Washington National Guard  and maintained a show of force, but he abandoned the field to the violent radicals of his party. small business goes broke while Amazon makes trillions. One has to wonder if all this was planned. Will Inslee get kickbacks from big tech fr this?

Conservatives believe in strong family units headed by the father figure. We believe the rule of law applies to everyone.








Inslee and Ferguson support “liberal privilege” while sanctioning tax paying citizens (Krystallnacht)


The country of CHAZ quickly becomes a panhandler “Welfare State”

The country of “CHAZ”  has kind of lost some steam. It devolved from a violent riot to a cool artsy fartsy place to hang out for a few days here and there.  It became an empathy zone for the killing of George Floyd.  The fella with a lengthy criminal record that had committed an armed burglary against a pregnant woman would replace Martin Luther King.  After a few days, cell phones would again dominate the minds, and CHAZ  would quickly regress to just a camp ground for  deadbeat  Suwant style Marxist vagrants.

The capitol hill folks and impressionable college students, feel they are morally  and ethically superior to the Woodstock generation.   They go so far as to feel sorry for their parent’s moral and values construct.  Even though the free-love society of the baby boomer marched for equality, and against racism and the war in Vietnam, they are still not as altruistic and pure as the Capitol Hill anarchist.

If the baby boomer believes in common sense or conservatism, they are automatically racist.

CHAZ was to be a new social utopia.   Law and order would be replaced with justice via social media. The ideals of John Locke,  the Founders, and Martin Luther King  replaced with $1100  Chinese made I-phones,  the liberal yellow press, and the ramblings of  mentally unhealthy alienated  street imbeciles.  The Constitution, Bill of Rights, property rights, and the checks and balances of the republic would  be dictated by Antifa, BLM activists, and your basic Seattle street nomad.

The BLM was able to elevate their cause while the nation was in the throes of a pandemic.  While whites, Hispanics, Indians, Asians and moderate Blacks  mourned the unnecessary Floyd killing, BLM activists  exploited the symbol of George Floyd to justify looting, arson, cop killing and the beating of white people. In their own communities, they would loot  minority businesses of everything, and then burn  the building to the ground.  Some  would be coaxed into kneeling before thieves?

Most Americans were horrified of the killing of George Floyd. We also thought, “how stupid  and evil can these police officers be?” In this day and age of social media, how could these police officers expose the rest of the police officers across the nation to such blatant cruel and criminal stupidity? Behavior that would perpetuate the loss of police officer lives.  It would not matter if the police officer was a Black mother of 3,  they would become targets for assassination by the BLM. Even the most dense Americans stated WTF as the liberal yellow press passed around the Vaseline for the orgy of press that  would soon inundate the world’s conscience.  Covid-19 who?

Some exploited the George Floyd killing to steal NIKE tennis shoes.

Back to CHAZ.

The CHAZ silent march was extraordinarily large. Like some sort of massive  army during the American Civil War. The march of the Seattle social justice warrior divisions was miles and miles long.  American generals understood that an army marches on it’s stomach. But just as George Armstrong Custer burned Robert E. Lee’s  supply  train during the the abandonment of Richmond,  The Army of CHAZ has run out of supplies or “free shit” rather.

The once mighty liberal utopia kingdom of CHAZ is now a welfare state.

The only thing different between a poverty stricken third world shit hole and CHAZ are the free multisex porta-shitters and the trash cleanup. But then again, folks in third world shit holes will actually work.  In CHAZ, the leaders of the “Lord of the Flies” community are simply hardcore opportunistic beggars.

The liberal deadbeats of Seattle could tolerate the looting of Walmart or Target where the looters actually used shopping carts to move the bounty. They did not care when over 300 cops were injured and several murdered. They did not care if hundreds of minority owned businesses were burned to the ground. They did not care that Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best, a black woman who had paid her dues, was replaced with a gibberish rapper.  To the  Seattle mayor, It was just “the summer of love!”

In the end, the CHAZ leadership of street bums begged for money.  They even asked if all the white Seattle Suwant socialist deadbeats could give $10 to the first black person they see.  At that moment, the silence in the crowd was deafening. The  capitol Hill deadbeats  and college students now understood that the symbol of George Floyd had turned into just another venue for Seattle’s panhandling community.  Seattle’s “summer of love” just another homeless tent city for deadbeats and highfalutin vagrants.  The college students would abandon Chaz when asked for money.

CHAZ became a wholesale insult to the hard working  Black Community that worked a life time for education, status, and success in the good ol US of A.  Hard working Blacks that had overcome racism and competed successfully for the American dream watched in disgust as their efforts for respect and total  social and professional assimilation were dragged through the gutters of Capitol Hill.

Do not worry, Republicans only believe in content of character when assessing human equity.

The compassionate moderate center of the Seattle socialist community had been taken for a ride. They were made fools of.  “The Wizard of CHAZ ” had pulled back the curtain  only to be exposed as a no account militant vagabond.

This videos says it all….



Written by WWW.BrodheadforCongress.us