Bill, ISIS in Iraq is the meaning of is is…..

We remember how Barack Hussein Obama scripted the execution of Osama Bin Laden with airstrikes against Libya.

A few days ago, Barack Hussein Obama scripted the Bowe Bergdahl prisoner exchange with Hillary Clinton’s book release “Hard Choices!”

Poor Hillary could  not script or stage ISIS in Iraq. It is now clear that her book “Hard Choices” should be called  “Inept Choices.”

The swifter ISIS militants advance towards Baghdad, the more Americans realize how utterly incompetent Barack Hussein Obama is. Hillary Clinton’s credibility as a leader is also plummeting. Americans are now seeing a very disturbing trend of incompetence from Libya to Iraq. In fact, Americans will now have a propensity to see Obama’s entire presidency as one massive failure. Everything that our soldiers fought  and died for in Iraq is collapsing because of Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama’s inept foreign policy.
Instead of modifying the SOFA or Status Of Forces Agreement in 2011, they let it stand and left Iraq unprepared to defend itself. 

Hillary Clinton cannot blame ISIS on a video. Americans now realize that Hillary Clinton was inept and lied about Benghazi. We can also conclude that she was incompetent concerning Iraq and surging in Afghanistan. Everything that Obama and Clinton touched concerning foreign policy, is shitting the bed….

Obama’s entire presidency is a catastrophe….

Even Bill playing the saxophone on 60 minutes after the Super bowl will not fix Hillary’s chances in 2016. 

Hillary F%$#ed up plain and simple. Americans wont be calling Hillary Clinton at 3 AM in the morning for a damn thing… 

” What difference does it make” wont fly this time…..

Bill, this is the meaning of is is!

Pete Sessions a much better fit for Republican Majority leader

Now that Eric Cantor has been ejected from capitol Hill, it is time for a better approach. Kevin McCarthy, symbolically would not be a good fit for House Majority leader. The overzealous power hungry politician has had his face in the mix for way to long. When Americans look at him, they associate the Republican party with bad things, like amnesty for illegals, grid lock, and special interest. This is not the persona Republicans want to present going forward. His persona is simply a detriment at this juncture. 

Hillary Clinton Responsible for ISIS in Iraq

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy ineptitude is systemic. let me count the ways:

Hillary Clinton simply allowed the George Bush’s U.S. Iraq Status of Forces Agreement to come to fruition in 2011.  As part of SOFA, Iraq should have been introduced into NATO and America should have maintained a military presence there. Instead, Hillary Clinton switched her foreign policy objectives to Afghanistan? 

Americans toppled the Taliban in 2001. With the aid of the Northern Alliance, the Taliban fell quickly. For all practical purposes, we had met our objective and responded to the 911 attacks. We could have ended our ground war in Afghanistan in 2002. Next, a simple $100 million a year foreign aid would have kept terrorists out of Afghanistan. Instead, we launch into a dozen year “hearts and minds” campaign that costs trillions and allowed the poopy fields to grow waste high. Another product of our dozen year occupation was more Taliban sympathizers and the rise of the world’s largest “Narco Trafficking State” with a poppy GDP of $61 billion. 

Hillary Clinton took her eyes of the ball in Iraq. She and Barack Hussein Obama allowed our blood and treasure in Iraq to go to waste, while enabling corruption in Afghanistan? It seems that they wanted Iraq to fail and their war in worthless Afghanistan to be a success. Iraq has become a Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, Clinton political fulfilling prophecy.

By remaining utterly lackadaisical and incompetent concerning Iraq, Hillary and Barack created the “ISIS Crisis”  in Iraq. It seem that both Hillary and Barack suffer from systemic incompetence when it relates to foreign policy, and taking care of the veterans. While many of us would like to believe that she did a good job, it is becoming more and more apparent that Hillary Clinton’s tenure as SOS was ridden with incompetence, lies and deceit. We only have to look at Iraq today to arrive at this conclusion.  

But then again, we can never count out Republican incompetence and their ability to dilute Hillary’s failures with their own gibberish. 

Obama has stated “No Stupid shit?”  Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership has basically erased a decade of our soldiers blood for Iraqi Freedom… Is this the stupid shit he is talking about. 


Barack Hussein Obama’s It is Time For a Little U.S. Air Power in Iraq

Almost 40 years ago Saigon fell as Gerald Ford and America looked on. We were too busy watching ” Happy days” and” All in the family.” 

Barack Hussein Obama ran as “Meathead” in 2008. Then he reverted to Archie Bunker on perpetual war. He attacks Libya just to impress the Clinton’s and then turns into Gerald Ford on Iraq. 

I served in Iraq. At the time, I thought the war was appropriate. I thought Afghanistan was a useless endeavor given the Russian and British occupation debacles. Barack Hussein Obama doubled down on the stupidity of Afghanistan.

Bush put Afghanistan on the back burner for a reason. Iraq was and is the real prize.

Afghanistan was and is a logistical nightmare with a per capita income of $30 a month, no flushing toilettes, and $61 billion in poppy fields.  

So, Barack Hussein Obama will use  “Air Power” to depose Gadhafi, but allow Iraq cities to fall to terrorists? Barack, this is not Saigon. If you can bomb Libya with a week’s reflection, you can put air assets into Iraq and crush Isis.

Barack Hussein Obama is taking his eye off the ball in Iraq to prove the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi inept positions.
 Barack Hussein Obama will actually let Iraq cities fall just to support a ding bat and an idiot’s positions on Iraq?
He is letting 8 years of regime change and the blood of American soldiers  go to waste. He is handing Mosul to terrorist. I thought we do not negotiate with terrorists?

We all remember when George Herbert Walker Bush turned his back on Southern Iraq after Desert Storm. We all remember what happened and the Shiite slaughter. Barack Hussein Obama is repeating history. His Foreign policy borders on stupidity. Scratch that: Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy is stupidity at it’s finest.  

Saigon did not set next to 1/2 the world’s oil supply.

It is time to send in the fighters or at least a cell of  (10 ) B52s and crush ISIS.

Air Power asshole

Where Does Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Stand On Amnesty For Illegals?

Brian Sandoval is a studied man. In fact as an attorney that worked adoption issues and a District court judge, Sandoval has studied massive legal case loads. He has developed a strong capacity for logic and critical thinking and assessing legal argument. In fact, his resume as an attorney, state representative, district court judge, gaming commissioner, and now Nevada governor is quite formidable. Unlike Barack Hussein Obama, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is actually prepared to be our next president.

The national Republican party is ready for a “makeover!”  Pretty much all of the Republican candidates, save Rick Perry,  are just a continuation of the status quo. Many seem to simply be a joke or a gimmick and nothing America looks forward to. The national Republican stage needs  a complete overhaul if we are going to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. 

Brian Sandoval must address his positions on driver’s licenses for illegals, as well as, his stance on amnesty for illegals. His current positions would be an easy target in 2016 should he run for president. Republicans will reject a Hispanic that supports amnesty for illegals. While he would endear himself to 12 million illegals, he would be rejected by 60 million conservatives.

Brian Sandoval will have to assess the “Cantor message” if he wants to run for president or even dabble in it. Should Brian Sandoval work on his immigration positions, he would bring much to the Republican stage in 2016. Then again, Sandoval could do nothing and then become an awesome vice presidential running mate. At this juncture, Brian’s positions are undefined and will have to be addressed if he chooses to run in 2016. With a few adjustments, he becomes very formidable. Presently, he would be to the left of Rick Perry on immigration issues.
I think Paul Laxalt supported Ronald Reagan’s positions on immigration. I don’t think that only cleaning sheep pens will cut it. It is an either or equation.  

Many political analysts see Sandoval’s platform shortcomings and that is why they want him to take out Harry Reid. So, will Sandoval do what he is told or do what destiny has presented?

Barack Hussein Obama giving away America’s sovereignty

Americans have almost forgotten the start of  Barack Hussein Obama’s heinously inept 2nd term.

We almost forgot the IRS. We almost forgot wiretapping the Associated Press.

We almost forgot about the NSA surveillance agenda.

Many of us will not remember Barack Hussein Obama’s relentless attacks on traditional family or his “KulturKampf!” 

We may not remember the constant attacks on our 1st Amendment rights, our 2nd Amendment rights or the absconding of the 4th Amendment, but we will remember amnesty for illegals.
While Fox News and the Palin airhead fixate on Bowe Bergdahl, Benghazi and all the lies are fresh and vivid. We remember how a president lied about Benghazi and keeping our doctors. Now we will remember how Obama  timed the Bowe Bergdahl
exchange for Taliban  to coincide Hillary Clinton’s book debut. Hmm was that a hard choice? As we recall, Obama timed the attack on Libya with the execution of Osama Bin Laden. How cute. He blames Bush for 5 years and then his own inept foreign policy on a video.    

Americans have forgotten that Barack Hussein Obama was an anti war candidate that apologized for America in Berlin.. Then, when he becomes president, he becomes a Bush protégé on steroids and starts attacking other countries. Instead of pulling out of Afghanistan, Barack Hussein Obama joined forces with Boehnerville and opted to stay another 8 years. He then slips the bill to our children.  

I find it odd that Barack Hussein Obama will spend $20 billion a month protecting another country’s border 10,000 miles away while offering amnesty to 12 million illegals here in America. Obama put more effort into securing Afghanistan’s sovereignty while attempting to give America’s away.
On second thought, Americans will remember Barack Hussein Obama adding  $10 trillion to the national debt in 8 years. Every year from here on out, we will remember the “$10 trillion dollar man” when we pay the interest on his debt. We will remember how Obama elevated sodomy to that of traditional marriage. We will remember how Obama believes that illegals have more right to life in this country than the beating hearts of the innocent unborn.
Except for the inept introduction of the Affordable Care Act, Obama’s entire presidency will go down in history as a fiscal failure.  While many of us are starting to like Obama after 6 years of contempt, we still think he is a big government yes-man. In fact, the only thing different between Bush and Obama is prochoice, alternative energy, same sex soldiers French kissing in military chapels, and attacking the traditional family. I mean, we could not have asked for a more obedient military industrial complex ass kisser Bush clone than Barack Hussein Obama.     

Should he choose to ram amnesty down America’s throat, there will be war. It wont be an “Act of Love”….. Obama should accept the “Cantor message” and simply be the lame duck that his presidency has become.

Kevin McCarthy Bad For America’s Renewal

America is basically sick of Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy. We are sick of looking at McCarthy’s face and listening to his scripted BS diatribe.  Should McCarthy become House majority leader, it will be bad for America.

Americans want to move on from Iraq and Afghanistan. Kevin McCarthy is a constant reminder that Republicans have added over $12 trillion to the national debt since Bill Clinton. Under Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will end up costing our children $6 trillion. The VA budget has ballooned from $20 billion to $170 billion with no end in sight. Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy proactively deployed our patriot troops into combat zones up to 10 times in a dozen years.  Then they have the inept audacity to blame  Barack Hussein Obama solely for the epidemic of PTSD cases and the VA’s massive patient load. This Republican is calling foul. We can no longer respect the current status quo in Washington DC. By placing blame for the abuse of our soldiers on others, they have lost all credibility.   

Kevin McCarthy is not good for the Republican brand. In fact, he symbolizes the NSA, perpetual war and the rise of a bloated police state. It  is time for America’s renewal and Kevin McCarthy is not part of that vision. McCarthy has paraded over trillions in unnecessary spending. If he was a CEO of a company, he would have been fired long ago. It is time to censure this egomaniac and vote him out of office. McCarthy is all about McCarthy. He thinks of himself before America. He needs to be removed from office.

McCarthy’s season of war mongering is over. It is time to turn. 

McCarthy the war mongering egomaniac 

The Sound of Silence