All news is controlled by Big Tech and the liberal yellow press ( try

As a small business owner, I remember when  phone book advertising collapsed. That $1200  a month half page ad became worthless as access to the internet and cell phones came to dominate the landscape.

At first, of course, the internet was friendly to the individual. One could search a hashtag result and find all kinds of  good things. But then, money and placement became the norm. Companies with bad products could actually run interference campaigns in order to shield themselves or their product lines from the “real truth.” For instance, even though a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van has  3.0 liter turbo diesel that is prone to failing, Mercedes Benz is able to hide this truth by strategic placement of bullshit information. Whole forums are dedicated to steering people in a false direction. The internet search results now use elaborate false information schemes to  elevate thought and decision processes and final conclusions even if they are patently false.

The internet is basically no different than standing in a field and yelling without an audience. If a tree falls in the internet forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?  Not unless you pay for ad placement.

Today, Google controls all placement of ads and information. If you input the hashtag  “voter fraud” into the search engine,  only liberal news organizations come up.  They all espouse a standardized position on voter fraud that is counter to the truth. In the internet world of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, it costs money to advertise the truth.  Unless one promotes the truth with money, it is like standing in a field without an audience.

Hashtags cost money.  The hashtag “voter fraud” probably costs a huge amount of money. If you own the hashtag then your information comes up first.

Social media is now fact checking all their customers.

Twitter engages in the shadow banning of conservatives.

Facebook not only fact checks everything with the hashtag Voter Fraud, they flag pretty much every FB post if it does not adhere to their agenda. In other words
Free speech” has been replaced by high dollar hashtags and fact checking the truth.

Facebook may or may not use ad money to place an ad that a customer pays for either.  They will tell you that you have impressions but a small percentage of clicks. They use bots to click on an Fb ad campaign to make the advertising look legit. In reality, they will take the money and then not do the advertising. It is called shadow banning.

Twitter will simply shadow ban conservatives so the message goes nowhere.

The liberal yellow press ran interference for the Russian hoax and the impeachment hoax. They are now censuring the truth about election fraud.  They will censure the truth about Biden corruption going forward.  Just like they censured the truth about Obamagate.

The phone book could not keep track of what a person was thinking. Today, Big tech seeks to exploit every single key stroke an individual makes and direct  behavior to specific advertised products.  They are now directing people to specific political and liberal yellow press products.  Amazon and The Washington Post could easily spend billions to direct behavior away from the real truth.

Just like the phone book, one has to spend huge sums of money to get the truth out. So, most of the news on the internet related to the Liberal yellow press is a special interest lie…

Try to search the web.  Completely different browser experience that shows truth…






Is Brian Sandoval the key to winning the west for Republicans?

It was my direct bloodline great plus grandfather that was “Second in Command” of the Nichols Expedition that took New Amsterdam in 1664. He would disembark Man-O-Wars and lead the 400 British troops that would force the surrender of Stuyvesant. Dutch rule would be replaced with English speaking rule. Hence, all of the WASP social stratification from Great Britain would be put on the front burner in the New World. In essence, it would be the beginning of “White Anglo Saxon Protestant  priviledge!”

At the time, the British were in constant naval battle with Spain.  Spain was Britain’s a sworn enemy for over a century. They were Catholics and Britain was Protestant. Imperialism and colonization was dominated by those that ruled the seas. Spain  and Portugal would ultimately dominate South America, but England would maintain the upper hand in North America. Of course Napoleon of France would occupy Mexico for a short period.

During the Mexican American war, the Mexican forces under  Antonio  Lopez De Santa Anna were routed and Mexico sought an end to the war. The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo would be signed which handed over  what is now Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Nevada, and swaths of Texas, to the United States of America. Utah had previously been held by the Mormon church under Brigham Young.

My Great Uncle   United Sates Senator Richard H. Brodhead would author the bill that funded the Transcontinental railroad and telegraph topography surveys. The surveys would be conducted by Jefferson Davis.  The Southern Democrats  wanted a railroad that benefited the  south and would extend slavery to the Pacific ocean.  However, The Wilmot proviso  and Northern politicians wanted all lands of the “Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo”  as free states.

Ultimately, the U.S. House and Senate decided on a route in the middle of the country that crossed Nevada at what is now the I-80 corridor.

To populate our  “manifest destiny,”  immigration policy was based on racism. The WASP controlled U.S. government wanted white Europeans to dominate the westward population. Hispanics and blacks were considered second class citizens. The southerners wanted to extend slavery to California while suppressing Hispanic migration from Catholic Mexico.  Of course the Republican party led the charge to eradicate slavery completely and give blacks the vote. However, The Republican party platform under Donald Trump seems a bit harsh.  He called many hardworking Catholics basically thieves, rapists, and murderers.

During the 2016 elections, I ran for Congress in Washington state and would not endorse Donald Trump because he would not apologize to Hispanics after insulting them.   Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval would not endorse him either.

I voted tooth and nail for Donald Trump in 2020 because he did a good job.

Joe Biden is a criminal that supports voter fraud on a massive scale.

While a border wall needs to be built, Republicans must now welcome Hispanics into the tent and abandon the last vestiges of racism that my Great Plus Grand father brought with him from England in 1664. A majority of Catholics Mexicans are good hardworking people that only want a secure job, in a secure country so they can raise a good family.

Today, the party that supported slavery has now morphed into the Democratic Socialist’s party.  They ultimately support a Venezuelan style socialist country and routinely shit on the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They want to forget our history and enslave everyone to big government and a Cuba style socialist shithole. The Democratic Socialist’s control all the rogue entities in the US government that will engage in illegal activity and corruption. Their inner city voter base and elections system is also corrupt.

It is America’s best interest to hold the US Senate seats in Georgia while demanding a voter recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.   The libertarians will show up and bring it home for Republicans in Georgia. Even if there is a little public back lash over Trump’s legal arguments, they will be rendered insignificant when Republicans run a Sandoval/Noem ticket in 2024. Republicans just have to show up and vote along with revamping the voting system to eliminate fraud.

At a minimum however, the Georgia state U’S Senate runoff will have to be monitored closely. Because of voter fraud via balloting, we most hold the election using voter idea and brick and mortar polling locations.

Our Hispanic patriot citizens want a stable government and society based on the Constitution, Bill of Rights , and the rule of law. They want a government to be bereft of corruption. They do not want to burn down business districts or kill cops. If Republicans  want to retake the west for the sake of our beloved Constitutional Republic, they will have to cut a deal. Extending DACA indefinitely, a pathway to citizenship, and a border wall are a good start. Why? Because Brodheads took this country in 1664 and I say so. We were among the Founding fathers and we fought for our current form of government, the Bill or Rights, the U.S. constitution,  voting rights, emancipation, our “Manifest destiny” and the consistent application of the rule of law for everyone. If we are to maintain this construct for the benefit of mankind, we must invite Hispanics to the Republican party…


Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval  would take 75% of the Hispanic vote in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico.

Brodheads were the original Wolf pack leaders in 1664. We now have to embrace our Hispanic brothers and sisters for the sake of the country that we love…

A time capsule would be burried on May 4th ( my birthday) to celebrate Nevada’s 150th.

Abraham Lincoln would be laid to rest on May 4th 1865.

May the 4th be with you!


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Sandoval’s education objectives and Hispanic graduation rates.


Bill 396 of 647,









The 2020 election was rife with voter fraud and republicans must stand and fight

It all started when Donald Trump was put under surveillance by the Obama administration. It was Joe Biden that suggested unmasking General Flynn. There are reports that Obama knew about the illegal exploitation of the Patriot Act via rogue agents in the FBI, CIA, NSA and FISA courts. This event in itself makes Watergate look like leaving the toilet seat up.  In order to cover this event up, the Democratic Socialists’ started the Mueller investigation.

As soon as the Mueller investigation came up with zilch, the Democratic Socialists then started an impeachment process on Donald Trump. Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party “accidentally” released the Covid-19 virus on the world. They would allow the virus that they had been working on for years in a level 4 biological weapons facility in Wuhan to escape.  The virus would infect the US economy within months.  Some think it was retaliation for Trump’s trade disputes. Democrat governors would shut down  their state economies and millions would become unemployed. Of course, warehouse internet companies like Amazon would see windfall profits as folks were scared into leaving their homes. Traditional brick and mortar businesses would see a  bankruptcy apocalypse.

Trump created the lowest unemployment numbers for blacks and Hispanics in history. Blacks and Hispanics were leaving the Democratic Socialist plantation and embracing Trump and conservative values because they had the dignity of a job.  China, globalists, and the DNC could not abide this, so they locked down major economic centers and plunged the economy into a depression.  In places like Las Vegas, 1 in 3 people are unemployed.

Adam Schiff of the House intelligence committee was privy to this information early on, but was focused on Trump impeachment.

Of course, they would impeach Trump for ridiculous reasons. Then, we would come to find that “Chairman Biden” was guilty of all the things they accused Trump of. He was getting money from the Russians, Ukrainians, and the CCP to the tune of utter tens of millions. We also found that his son Hunter was a criminal and the front man for the Biden crime family and  their pay to play political schemes.

As a former meth-head and crack addict, Hunter Biden surfed kiddy porn and did naked skype chats with the 14 year old daughter of his dead brother.

They blamed Trump with Russia , Russia , Russia. Now the Democratic Socialists and rogue agents in the DNC and Dominion voting machines are engaged in voter fraud on an industrial scale. The media will blame Trump for Russian interference in the election process, while saying nothing about massive voter fraud in the inner cities that is perpetrated by the DNC and special interest.

The killing of blacks by police officers in cities like Detroit, Philly, Atlanta,  and parts of Wisconsin lead to rioting,  looting, burning business districts to the ground and the murder of police officers. This rage and the hate for “orange man”  then manifested itself in  massive voter fraud in counties dominated by disenfranchised blacks.  However, it would be construed as racists if this voter fraud narrative was framed in this fashion.

Joseph Goebbels would be proud of how effective and conniving the liberal yellow press has become. The heavy propaganda campaign started in 2007.  It then became cheer leading for riots, arson, murder and obscene levels of voter fraud.

The liberal yellow press, social media, and big tech are in on it too.

In our lifetimes, we have never seen people so willing to violate the sanctity of voting rights.  We have never seen people so willing to violate the rule of law and cuff their children’s wrists to  a socialist agenda. We have never seen inner city blacks so willing to engage in voter fraud when it was Republican’s that secured their right to vote.  It simply does not make sense.

Of course, now they want to unify a divided country after they stole an election and engaged in racist labelling and continually cast insults at law abiding tax paying citizens that have done nothing to anyone.

To top it off, a drug company withheld that they had a Corona Virus vaccine that was 90% effective, until after the election. Trump pays them $1.5 billion and they withhold  this information from him until after the election. Trump would find out about this vaccine via the media while Joe Biden was briefed at his home. The news of the vaccine  announcement would push Trump’s artificially suppressed  stock market to new highs. The media would credit the stock market rise to Joseph Biden? WTF?

I find it odd that the virus was released in November 2019 and the conveniently developed just after the election of 2020. Of course the information on the vaccine would be released via the insider trading under ground so Wall Street and special interest could benefit from insider trading.

It will be interesting to see what politicians invested in Phyzer.

Republicans will have to stand their ground on this one as should every single American that does not want the USA to become a Banana republic. While all Americans deserve respect and equality, they aren’t allowed to engage in voter fraud.

Lastly, Republicans will have to serenade the Hispanic voter and peal them away from the Democratic Socialist party.  We did it in Florida, we can do it in the west.

These are the free states of Trump

Sandoval/Noem 2024

Albuquerque, New Mexico – News, Photos and Pictures » Albuquerque Journal




Governor's pitch to aid Trump appears to benefit her own campaign fund






US election live results: Attorney-General tells prosecutors to investigate Donald Trump's voter fraud claims

I wish Jay Inslee cared more about law abiding tax paying citizens than violent Seattle street trash

I dont get it. When Obama was in office, many folks just thought he was worthless and did not believe a word he said.  We did not blame our lots in life on Obama. How we felt on a day to day basis had nothing to do with Obama. Most of the time, when he was on TV, we changed the channel.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a completely different animal.  Many men that hate Trump have allowed this reality to infect their core. If the day did not go right, it was Trump’s fault. if the paycheck wasn’t big enough, it was Trump’s fault. if the wife was not in the mood, it was Trump’s fault. If a black man was killed by a police officer, it was Trump’s fault. In essence, there is no accountability in that individuals life and their unhappiness is blamed on someone else.

It goes back to the philosophical argument of environment versus free will and determinism. Democrats feel that environment presents the greatest impact on a persons life and life chances. In many cases that is true. If one is born in the ghettos of Liberia, one’s life chances are limited. No matter how much freewill and determinism one presents to ones life, one is still living in a Monrovian ghetto.

Republicans believe that people can rise via freewill and determinism. However, the key factor in this argument is accountability.  A person must be accountable for one’s actions. In addition, the education,political and economic construct must support the greater vision of the individual. We must create an environment where people can thrive and rise in society.  This is why supporting the Republic as envisioned by the founders is so important.

Jay Inslee has allowed his own Trump Derangement Syndrome to infect every aspect of his existence. Jay Inslee has been in politics for well over 30 years.  Donald trump has been in politics for just 3.5 years. Even then, Jay Inslee blames Trump for all  of society’s ills. He blames Trump for the corona virus.  he blames Trump for everything he can think of. This suggests that Jay Inslee has no ownership of anything in his control and always defaults to blaming others.

I wish Jay Inlsee would care more about tax paying citizens than he does for disgusting and violent Seattle street trash, thugs, looters and murderers.

It wont be long before Jay Inslee blames Trump for $10 billion in revenue shortfalls.  It was Jay Inslee who bloated the Washington state budget by 20% to meet the growth of the Trump economy. It was Jay Inslee that shut the private sector of  the Washington State economy down while allowing government related contract workers to do their jobs.

Jay Inslee will not accept accountability for his own lack of leadership. He will blame it on Trump.


Washingtonians are done with Jay Inslee.


Jay Inslee’s political troubles continue to mount

Ever since Donald Trump was elected,  Jay Inslee has hid behind the liberal yellow press and has made continual unsubstantiated attacks on the president. Jay Inslee would go so far as to call Donald Trump a white nationalist. Our buddy Jay totally disregarded how  celebrities in the black community had their hands all over Donald Trump when he was a private citizen. Even when a young fat ass Al Sharpton was totally enamored with Donald Trump, “Uncle Donny”  was not a racist until he was elected. It didn’t fit Jay Inslee’s  narrative that Donald Trump was just a regular dude with money.

Jay Inslee blames everything on Trump.  Russian interference in our 2016 election was Trump’s fault.  The government surveillance of a presidential candidate by the Obama administration was Trump’s fault.  Biden corruption in the Ukraine was Trump’s fault. It was Trump’s fault  that the Covid-19 virus emerged from Wuhan. It was Trump’s fault that  patient zero carried the Wuhan virus into an old folks home. It is Trump’s fault that 1 in 5 Washingtonians are unemployed. It is Trump’s fault that almost 1 billion in unemployment benefits went to Nigerians.  Alas, it is Trump’s fault that 81,000 Washingtonians have not ever received an unemployment check  after 120 days since filing.

Jay Inslee expanded the Washington state budget to take advantage of the Trump economy.   He would increase the budget by 20% and also enact non-essential taxation schemes.  Now because of the China virus or Wuhan virus,   Jay Inslee is facing about $10 billion in shortfalls over the next two years.  Jay will seek to keep all his 20% increase in budget and then blame Trump for his shortfalls.

Donald Trump warned Jay Inslee about leaving Chaz or Chop to Capitol Hill deadbeats. Instead, he and Jenny Durkan called it the  “summer of love.”  Jay Inslee was intent on playing the race card for all it’s worth. Politically placation of  looters and thugs was more  important than protecting small business and seniors in their Capitol Hill homes. Even when heinous and foul socialist deadbeats  threatened seniors at their homes and shit in the front yard, Inslee did nothing. He even allowed the shutting down of I-5 for 30 minutes a day so rioters could stroll back and forth. WTF?

Now Jay Inslee is being sued for his lack of response to the CHAZ bullshit.

Jay Inslee costs way more than he is worth. He spent millions on a vanity run for president. His ineptitude then leads to a lawsuit that tax payers will have to pay for.

Jay Inlsee has to address and justify  to the public his fiscal ineptitude, and his unwavering support of  looters, rioters, thugs, rapists and murderers at the behest of the law abiding tax paying citizen. .

The vain and inept governor who is rated the worst governor in the 50 states will go out fighting.  He can blame Trump when he loses his re-election bid to Raul Garcia.  Hispanics will vote at a rate 0f 70% for Raul. We know this when Nevada governor Brian Sandoval garnered 70% from Hispanics. Of course, white Republicans will vote 100% for Raul.

I blogged about Brian Sandoval for 4 years. I know how Hispanics will vote in Washington state.  Susan only lost by 200,000 votes to Cantwell.  The only thing that saved Cantwell was the Seattle Socialist crowd and Trump derangement syndrome. Well, Washingtonians disgust with Seattle and how Inslee has managed the state, has eaten  up all of the 200,000 voter gap ( and then some). All Republicans have to do is elevate a Hispanic and they have the governorship in 2020.




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call up Sandoval and get an endorsement

As he leaves office, new Sandoval portrait to join ranks in ...

Does it get any clearer than this that Joe Biden is losing his mind?

Joe Biden is quite forgetful. He forgot how he was the one that suggested the unmasking of General Flynn. He probably forgot how he was involved with Obama-gate and the surveillance of a presidential candidate along political lines. Prid Quo Joe  even forgot about his corrupt roles in the Ukraine.

Sleepy Joe does not realize that he is the most corrupt VP in history.

The latest gaffe by Joe Biden was simply a doozy.

Something happened to Joe Biden’s brain over the past several months while he was held up in his basement bunker.

Joe Biden thinks that 1/3 of the population of the USA died from Covid-19?

This is the guy who is going to reign in violence and lead a country of 330 million people? This is the guy that will have the nuclear football and be in charge of our nuclear triad? What the fuck?

Here see for yourself




Is Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan a stupid bitch?

The liberal yellow press continues to cover the diatribe of the BLM high command. Some of the Marxist trained “BLM brass” are still threatening to burn down the country if they do not get their way. If the BLM was the WLM, there would be a massive public outcry and the FBI would be dispatched to every WLM doorstep.

The BLM is much more violent and radical than the Black Panthers. The BLM is allowed to exact massive violence with impunity. Had the Black Panthers done a fraction of what the BLM has done, the FBI would have been dispatched in full force along with the National Guard.

As it is, the liberal yellow press were a bunch of cheerleaders for violence, looting and killing.

The Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan sat back and watched as BLM and Antifa activists looted, burned, and occupied city blocks. She did nothing when the police were kicked out of their precinct. She did nothing when mentally damaged street bums spray painted graffiti everywhere. She did nothing when  stinking schizophrenic  and deranged transient looters knocked on the doors of Capitol Hill residences and demanded money and food. If the residences did not comply, the deadbeats shit in their yards and graffiti the home. .

Jenny Durkan allowed a violent situation to evolve. Because of her and Jay Inslee’s inaction people actually died.

Now Jenny Durkan is faced with a massive clean up bill and a class action suit filed by over a dozen business owners in Capitol Hill. The City of Seattle will not have a legal leg to stand on. The City of Seattle is provided huge revenue streams from property taxes, B&O taxes and sales taxes. This is the price the business owner pays as part of a social contract with local and State government. Of course, insurance companies will cover the vandalism, however, short term loss of use claims are only covered when a building is not usable because of damage.  Insurance companies will not cover loss of use when it is the City of Seattle’s fault.   Long term loss of business is another story as well. The City of Seattle will have to cover loss of revenue until the businesses affected  show profit and loss statements that mirror 2019.

When Jenny Durkan called violence , rioting,looting, and  the occupation of 7 blocks of her city,  a  “Summer of Love, she opened up the City of Seattle to every manner of law suit by private sector business owners. In fact, the class action suit will ask for  hundreds of millions for loss of revenue and emotional and possibly physical distress.

Is Jenny Durkan simply a stupid bitch? She and her BLM supporting socialist cronies are turning Seattle into a shithole. Because of her, Seattle business is leaving. Because of her, Seattle tourism streams are drying up. Because of her, people live in fear. She encourages  an atmosphere of violence, looting and occupation in her city and then demands that the Seattle police department be reduced?    You cannot make this shit up.

Below is a black man that has had enough with the BLM movement and what it has done to the images of  hardworking blacks that are in the trenches of civility and compete successfully for the American dream. .

Jenny Durkan has done more to destroy Seattle’s image  than any other major in history. She is unable to manage a city and must resign along with Kashama Suwant.



Closet racist Jay Inslee targeting Yakima Valley Hispanics with very heavy fines if they do not wear masks

In Jay Inslee’s world, if anyone other than a Hispanic violates his mask wearing order, they get up to 90 days in jail and  up to a $1000 fine. If one is a hardworking Yakima Valley Hispanic, then one gets a $5000 fine or up to a year in jail.

Washingtonians see  Jay Inslee for what he is and that is a closet racist.

Jay Inlsee will let violent, and irrational  stinking unemployed deadbeats take over a police precinct and 7 city blocks while providing portable toilette  and water. For the hard working Yakima Valley Hispanics with the demeanor of a Catholic alter boy, and the work ethic of a German,  well, they get massive fines and jail time for not wearing a mask?

Jay Inslee lets deadbeat atheists and anarchists riot, loot and kill with impunity while shutting Catholic Hispanic churches down and threatening fathers and mothers with jail time.

Jay Inslee allowed liberal privilege for Suwant Socialists as they terrorized Capitol Hill seniors and shit in their yards. The same  anarchist folks that consider Jesus and Mary racist figures. These folks would destroy  monuments to Abraham  Lincoln, Grant and  Washington while leaving a monument of Lenin untouched. These violent deadbeats are the core of Jay Inslee’s constituent base.

Jay Inslee supports atheist anarchists over law abiding Catholic Hispanics that work hard, raise good families and pay the taxes.


Written by

Washingtonians for Dr. Raul Garcia (R) | Health. Leadership. Unity.