Americans are starting to listen to Rand Paul

In the past, both the Yellow press and the Neocon ass kissing status quo  establishment worked in concert to censure Ron Paul. It came to a head when Ron Paul was not allowed at the 2008 Republican convention.

Now, the same thing is happening to Rand Paul.

This time, it is a little different. Today, the so-called Republican front runners are leaving a massive Hansel and Gretel trail of ineptitude.  We could allude to Ben Carson’s positions on drone striking the border or providing the Ukraine with nuclear weapons.  We could talk about how Donald trump has alienated 95% of Hispanics. We could talk about the Bush Legacy etc. Instead, we will leave it up to Rand Paul’s campaign staff to research and catalog the foopahs.

The Republican establishment has a real problem on their hands. This time, non establishment candidates are winning the establishment vote. In the process, they are staking positions that can be harvested by the Clinton yellow press during the general campaign.  One only has to look at the Charlie Rose /Ben Carson interview to infer this.

Meanwhile, Rand Paul save a few caveats in Nevada and Colorado , has basically kept his shit together like a trained Reagan era campaign staffer.  Which he is.  In addition, Rand Paul is probably the only candidate that can beat Hillary Clinton in a debate.

As it is, Trump, Carson and Bush have created a smorgasbord of  political ineptitude that the yellow press has cataloged for future use. Yupp, Reince and the Republican establishment have a real problem on their hands.

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