All news is controlled by Big Tech and the liberal yellow press ( try

As a small business owner, I remember when  phone book advertising collapsed. That $1200  a month half page ad became worthless as access to the internet and cell phones came to dominate the landscape.

At first, of course, the internet was friendly to the individual. One could search a hashtag result and find all kinds of  good things. But then, money and placement became the norm. Companies with bad products could actually run interference campaigns in order to shield themselves or their product lines from the “real truth.” For instance, even though a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van has  3.0 liter turbo diesel that is prone to failing, Mercedes Benz is able to hide this truth by strategic placement of bullshit information. Whole forums are dedicated to steering people in a false direction. The internet search results now use elaborate false information schemes to  elevate thought and decision processes and final conclusions even if they are patently false.

The internet is basically no different than standing in a field and yelling without an audience. If a tree falls in the internet forest and there is nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?  Not unless you pay for ad placement.

Today, Google controls all placement of ads and information. If you input the hashtag  “voter fraud” into the search engine,  only liberal news organizations come up.  They all espouse a standardized position on voter fraud that is counter to the truth. In the internet world of Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, it costs money to advertise the truth.  Unless one promotes the truth with money, it is like standing in a field without an audience.

Hashtags cost money.  The hashtag “voter fraud” probably costs a huge amount of money. If you own the hashtag then your information comes up first.

Social media is now fact checking all their customers.

Twitter engages in the shadow banning of conservatives.

Facebook not only fact checks everything with the hashtag Voter Fraud, they flag pretty much every FB post if it does not adhere to their agenda. In other words
Free speech” has been replaced by high dollar hashtags and fact checking the truth.

Facebook may or may not use ad money to place an ad that a customer pays for either.  They will tell you that you have impressions but a small percentage of clicks. They use bots to click on an Fb ad campaign to make the advertising look legit. In reality, they will take the money and then not do the advertising. It is called shadow banning.

Twitter will simply shadow ban conservatives so the message goes nowhere.

The liberal yellow press ran interference for the Russian hoax and the impeachment hoax. They are now censuring the truth about election fraud.  They will censure the truth about Biden corruption going forward.  Just like they censured the truth about Obamagate.

The phone book could not keep track of what a person was thinking. Today, Big tech seeks to exploit every single key stroke an individual makes and direct  behavior to specific advertised products.  They are now directing people to specific political and liberal yellow press products.  Amazon and The Washington Post could easily spend billions to direct behavior away from the real truth.

Just like the phone book, one has to spend huge sums of money to get the truth out. So, most of the news on the internet related to the Liberal yellow press is a special interest lie…

Try to search the web.  Completely different browser experience that shows truth…






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