Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi exploiting Barack Hussein Obama’s inept political positions

When ISIS invaded Iraq, I immediately thought of the TET offensive in Vietnam circa 1968.

Allowing Iraq to fall to ISIS makes the Berlin Airlift look historically insignificant.  

It seems that not only is Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi a student of the Vietnamese general Vo Nugoyen Giap, he is student of Barack Hussein Obama’s catalogue of inept political positions.

TET pales when compared to the ISIS onslaught. It is more like Highway 1 in the Vietnamese highlands and the fall of Saigon where the South Vietnamese army ran away like Iraqi soldiers.

Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is exploiting Harry Reid’s “The war is lost” and the democratic party’s lemming like political dogma. He understands that Barack Hussein Obama squandered the U.S. military and our country’s capacity for war in Afghanistan. Everyone knows that Afghanistan was not important to our national interest after the Taliban was removed. Barack Hussein Obama said we took our eyes off the ball in Iraq  concerning Afghanistan. Barack Hussein Obama did not feel that Iraq was within our national interest while Afghanistan was? This strictly political position stemming from 2008 was and is incompetent foreign policy. Then he turns his back on Iraq to support an inept and costly position on Afghanistan. This suggest that the Obama administration has bought into a completely obtuse and worthless foreign policy agenda while letting Iraq regress to civil war. Then when we consider Libya, we now understand that Barack Hussein Obama’s foreign policy agenda has no rhyme or reason. He supports regime change in Libya and Afghanistan, but securing the hard fought gains in Iraq is inappropriate? Barack Hussein Obama willfully created another fall of Saigon in Iraq. This was totally unnecessary.   


Al-Bafhdadi is using  Barack Hussein Obama’s misguided political positions against him as well. In fact, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is stuffing Barack Hussein Obama’s 2008 anti surge rhetoric down his throat. We can call it the “Barackfulfilling” prophecy in Iraq. 

President Bush and our soldiers overcame 1/2 million well armed Iraqi soldiers with thousands of Soviet made tanks and equipment. This suggest that 5000 untrained ISIS troops could be kicked out of Iraq by a few thousand nasty rednecks with AR15s. Barack Hussein Obama is allowing maybe 5000 untrained terrorists to occupy a country of 24 million?      

The U.S. must regain control of Iraq’s border cities in order to protect Iraq’s sovereignty. Should Barack Hussein Obama seek to send military troops to protect Iraq’s borders, he is skewered here at home for his inept management of America’s southern border. Barack Hussein Obama can protect Iraq’s border but leaves America’s wide open? This would eventually lead to the amnesty argument, which would then lead to America’s status as an English speaking country and our ability to maintain our national sovereignty in the face of competing cultures. Barack Hussein Obama is all about allowing illegals to take control of the United States of America. Al-Baghdadi understands Obama better than Obama.

ISIS in Iraq is because of Barack Hussein Obama’s superiorly inept foreign policy. Abu BAKR Al-Baghdadi is playing Barack Hussein Obama like a puppet. He has taken complete advantage of Barack Hussein Obama’s weak foreign policy dispositions to enact his own General Giap style TET offensive. He figures that America has had enough of perpetual war. This is straight from the Ho Chi Minh play book.

It reminds me of Jimmie Carter and the Iran hostages. By the end of Carter’s administration, Americans were completely and utterly embarrassed by Iran. The Obama leadership is allowing a terrorist to turn America into a laughing stock. Just as Reagan restored our pride as a country, it will take new competent leadership to regain a sound foreign policy. But alas, Hillary Clinton is not that competent leader. 

Never before have we had a Muslim extremist play an American president like a Hawaiian made ukulele. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama is allowing a terrorist to dictate America’s foreign policy. As far as our current president, he wont negotiate with common sense.


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